Playtech Adventures Beyond inscription zodiac casino Wonderland Review & Bonus

The innovative bonus wheels that are hidden behind the main wheel and only revealed for the bonus spin rounds are great. I love that the physical aspect is retained in the game, and we’re not wholly reliant on an RNG engine making all the choices during the bonus rounds. Magic Dice bonus round has a board of 6 columns and 4 rows.

  • Be careful though – it’s a fast-paced game, and you have less than 15 seconds to pick a bet.
  • Players are asked to choose between a red and a white dice.
  • 8888 will have access to Play Tech’s substantial range of new and innovative online casino games.
  • One of the best strategies is to wager 1 bet unit on the number 10 and 1 bet unit on every 3 wagers.
  • The Adventures Beyond Wonderland optimal return to player estimation is 96.82%.
  • Namely, when the player triggers a bonus round, the entire podium spins around its orb, turning the presenter alongside with it.

The inner layer contains multipliers worth up to 10X, while the outer layer has 54 segments containing prizes topping 50X. The combined value of the inner and outer layer are used to determine your prize. When the wheel stops on a “Magic Dice” bonus segment, everyone with a bet on it gets to play a special side game.

Inscription zodiac casino – Wonderspins Bonusronde

The playing interface will choose a dice or soldier for you if you forget to choose one within the allotted time. The biggest multiplier you’re likely to see on the base bonus rounds is about 300x. To see a bigger multiplier will need the Mystery bonus to apply a multiplier or multiple multipliers to a bonus round. I cover Number 10 with one unit and the three bonus rounds with one unit each – so that’s a total bet of 4 units. The wheel contains 54 Segments, with the bonus segments occupying eight of them, so that’s a bonus segment for every 6.75 segments (14.81% of the wheel). These do not require a bet to have been placed on the betting grid.

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With the Magic Dice bonus game you end up in a different part of the studio. inscription zodiac casino The aim of this game is to multiply the winnings you have made. The numbers that appear as the outcome of the die correspond to a box in the field. Adventures Beyond Wonderland was developed by Playtech as a game show for in live casinos.

Playtech Adventures Beyond inscription zodiac casino Wonderland Review & Bonus

Those that take part in the side game have to choose a red or white die. The number that appears on the coloured die you chose determines how far you move around the prize board. The square you stop on will contain a prize worth up to 100X your bet. Making your picks in this game means predicting where the prize wheel is going to stop.

We are sure it will soon find its way to other Playtech casinos. If you are not a member of any GVC casino, you can wait for its release by playing other ingenious live Playtech releases. Namely, if you hit a Mystery Bonus, you get one of two prizes – Card Soldiers Mystery Multipliers and the Caterpillar Mystery Multipliers. The maximum multiplier you can win in this feature is 10x.

Final Thoughts On Adventures Beyond Wonderland Slot

Playtech Adventures Beyond inscription zodiac casino Wonderland Review & Bonus

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