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I had other deceased friends and relatives that I was able to eulogize. They were not all perfect people, but they were so kind and loving to me that is what my takeaway was. Perhaps i can be more generous to those in need knowing what it feels like to wonder why the man I thought was supposed to be my hero, who seemed to have everything, would disappoint me. I don’t think I expected too much. Life can be hard and unforgiving.

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  • When my mother died the golden child brother did not even write an obituary or comment on the page for her funeral notice, even though she treated him well.
  • The Age of Enlightenment was built primarily on the backs of slaves and the disenfranchised, and in America it took a second bloody war, the Civil War, to abolish slavery – at least on paper.
  • I had no problems with people saying “I’m sorry,” because they truly were; and some of the statements you suggested would have made me cringe inside.
  • She thinks I judge her but really, I always just wished she could let some of this go, at least to her kids’ .
  • Fly on the Wall, You never know.

Susan mentioned Kathe Kollwitz… Would her work be as strong if we did not know her intention — and of the times in which she created her work? Her work served as a warning and a response to specific problems she observed in the world around her. The viewer may not know that on face value. BUT after reading her words and about the time in which she lived…

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I totally agree that this is a crock…. How do you fools feel big city swing today now that he has remarried? First simpathy cards and 2 months later wedding cards.

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I’m not sure why she did, but I think it was just more of the headgames she always played. I wasn’t told for weeks about her death, since her two wanted children decided I didn’t need to know. I don’t know that I grieve their passing, but I do grieve not having a loving family. My Dad just never cared, while my Mom made my childhood a living hell. And on top of dealing with those feelings, I have to deal with the anger of being blacklisted from the memorial service by my siblings. Not sure if that’s what she was after, to make sure I was aware I wasn’t invited, again?

All I could do is to protect my family. In 2019 he try asking for forgiveness. Something that I’m sure I can not give.

Anyone would love living in that area. Can you imagine finding out your son inlaw just wed a young girl before your dead relative even has time to grow grass on her grave. American’s relocating to the Phillipines are only allowed to bring $75,000 into the country. One reason is that the Phillipine govt does not want rich outsiders coming in and changing their political policies, or influencing their politicians or the Church. Art is not allowed to even purchase any real estate.

Not much of a mother or faithful wife. All I can think of was she was a beautiful woman to look at. Mom when he talked about Irish people and leprechauns. But people seem to believe that he was nice.

They actively do not want me there. To some extent, I get it; I’m on the autism spectrum and try very hard to filter before I speak, but I have insensitive moments. I’m trying to stay focused on my sister’s needs right now and not take it personally, but I’m a little hurt.

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Also, if you’re not happy with our posting here about Art Bell, why don’t you update your blog to reflect these feelings??? If you were to do so, I would be more inclined to believe that the posts bearing your name were really written by YOU, and not a Rogers Cadenhead imposter. Most people on Earth have never heard of and will never hear of Art Bell. But the necessity of the emotional attachment that the, ones who have, bear with respect to AB, is simply a result of their own ignorance.

I am so sorry for you and your daughter for all that you have been through . Humans are complex and, tempting as it is for people to believe that people are all good or all bad, this is rarely the case. It is very common and normal to grieve the best, most wonderful parts of a person, while still knowing that person did horrible, unimaginable things.