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Meanwhile, the soft version Turron de Jijona with 64 percent almonds and the appearance of oil makes it softer and more sticky. Torrijas is a version similar to French toast of Spanish cuisine. Fuel up for a long day in Spain with Migas at breakfast.

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You can enjoy another version with almond sauce for a change of taste. Spanish food_Gambas à la planchaGambas a la plancha, or grilled shrimp, is a classic Spanish tapa recipe. Whole, unpeeled shrimp are salted, then cooked quickly on a flat-iron grill.

  • The idea of eating cold tomato soup might sound a little odd to some foreigners, but once you’ve enjoyed a traditionally made gazpacho on a hot summer’s day you’ll be hooked!
  • Tortas de aceite of wheat flour, white egg, sugar, and olive oil with anis, sesame seeds, and almonds.
  • Tomatoes have been grown in America for a long time, but they only appeared in this dish in the 18th century.
  • I still enjoyed it, and, despite not living up to my expectations, it is still a fairly decent burger and offers you a more exciting choice than a Big Mac or a cheeseburger.
  • The flavor is subtle and inoffensive but the texture might put some people off.

Traditional Spanish Food – Image from WikimediaPisto is a type of eggplant casserole topped with a Spanish twist of fried egg and the roebuck inn wickham chorizo. Pisto is made of tomato, onion, eggplant, red and green bell peppers and olive oil. Migas is made of dry breadcrumbs are split up and fried in a variety of permutations, and it’s served with chorizo or bacon and grapes. No foodie trip to Spain would be complete without a paella feast! This iconic rice and seafood dish actually originates from Valencia and was originally made with beans and meat instead of fish a shellfish. A coastal region Valencia is renowned for its seafood dishes and interestingly Horchata which I always thought was a Mexican drink.

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Paella is a rice dish that can be made with fish and seafood, vegetables, meat, or a mixture of these. The best paella is known to be found near the Mediterranean coast. You can also taste fideuà in many places, a plate of black rice similar to paella and equally delicious. The pork sausage is traditionally made with rice or onions, pine nuts, paprika and almonds. Spain doesn’t have an official national dish, but if it did, it would be the humble potato omelet, or tortilla de patatas.

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Hailing from the plains of the La Mancha region, pisto can be a side dish, appetizer, or even a main course. Serve it with some fresh salad, bread, and of course, some local red wine for the ultimate Spanish experience. Looking to whip up some delicious tapas for your next Spanish dinner party? Then look no further than patatas bravas, a dish that is native to Spain and super easy to create. This crowd favorite typically consists of cubed potatoes which are fried in oil and served warm with spicy sauce.

Legs of ham were traditionally salted and hung up to dry to preserve them through the long winter months. In Spain, you can ski in Granada one day and go to the beach on the next! Spain lies at approximately the same latitude as California, so it has similar weather.

Initially, it was a dish for humble people, but it started to climb in society thanks to its inclusion in restaurant menus. Gazpacho is made with raw tomato and a little cucumber, pepper, onion, some garlic, and olive oil, concentrating all the flavors of Andalusia in a single delightful dish. Idiazabal is a pressed cheese made from milk of the Latxa and Carranzana breeds of sheep in the Basque Country and Navarre. Its intense, well-balanced, and kind of smokey flavor makes a tapa of Idiazabal one of the most delicious foods to try in Madrid. Any local will tell you that the best croquettes are the ones prepared by his or her grandma.

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If you have not had a chance to try them yet, it is time to pack your bags and head to this beautiful country to discover this long-standing and diverse cuisine right away. It’s hard to miss the giant dried pork legs hanging from the ceilings of shops and bars everywhere you look. Watch as it’s expertly carved off in tantalizingly thin strips, and try it by itself or accompanied by one of Spain’s many varieties of locally made cheese.

Everyone has heard of gazpacho, but few outside of Spain are familiar with its heartier cousin. Oxtail is extremely bony and tough so it needs to be slow-cooked for several hours over a low flame. Once softened, it becomes fatty and gelatinous and practically dissolves in your mouth. Callos is one of my favorite Spanish foods and something we enjoy often in the Philippines.